Why Small Businesses Turn to Managed Service Providers

One of the largest costs associated with small businesses is the overhead. Even the most invested small business owners look to save money and cut costs wherever possible. With a huge portion of monthly costs being IT equipment and personnel, it’s no wonder that many small businesses turn to managed service providers. Managed service providers, or MSPs, are a great option for small businesses because they have low up-front costs and offer customizable plans. There is no need to buy all of that expensive IT equipment yourself and hire an IT staff when MSPs today make it so easy to get started.

Easy to Set Up

Sending tasks out-of-house when it saves both time and money is a no brainer. If you aren’t an IT wiz, and don’t want to invest thousands in IT equipment, an MSP will make your set up a dream. Most MSPs own the bulk of the IT equipment their clients need, and do all of the set up for them. You no longer need to do all of the research and leg work to find a cloud provider, set up an anti-virus, find a secure server, etc. Your new MSP will handle all of this for you.

Only Pay for Services You Need

Anyone who has worked with an in-house IT department knows that the work comes and goes in waves. For weeks on end your IT department will be slammed, but then a few days later there’s a lot of feet on the desks. With an MSP, you don’t have to worry about staffing IT personnel because your provider will handle your needs only as they come up. Have a new employee starting next week? There will be someone available to help with on-boarding, but they won’t be sitting around the next day waiting for more tasks. Also, should a problem arise, you now have an entire team at your disposal, and won’t have to pull an entire department of your company from their normal tasks to fix the issue. Small businesses have unpredictable needs – so it’s no wonder MSPs are so popular.

Predictable & Overall Lower Monthly Costs

With a manager service provider, you can enjoy a predictable monthly cost and lower overhead than with a traditional IT department. There will be a set bill amount that includes whatever services you’ve agreed on, which includes time spent on any tech support issues and on-boarding new employees. Your MSP is just as motivated as you are to keep everything running smoothly, so you will often even see less problems arise when using a provider. These low, predictable costs are understandably appealing to small business owners.

Small Businesses Turn to Managed Service Providers

Every year more small business pick MSPs to help them begin and grow their businesses. Choosing to send IT needs out-of-house proves to be an easy and more cost-effective option. When you succeed, they succeed.

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