DIY Backup Solution

When it comes to backing up the data of your business, cutting out any margin of error is vital. The information stored by businesses, like client databases, lead lists, and project files, is far too valuable to ever allow to be lost. The first step in securing your business’s data is of course is acknowledging you need a backup solution, but it is equally important to pick a solution that fit for your needs. Let’s explore what needs to be considered, and why in most cases, a DIY backup solution just won’t cut it.

Human Error

The core goal of keeping a backup is to protect your data from something like accidental deletion, computer failure, a natural disaster, and whatever else could cause you to lose valuable data. So why put the element of human error back into the equation by picking a DIY backup solution?

A few of the many reasons DIY data backups fail are accidental deletions, incomplete backups, forgetting to update the backup, losing an external hard drive, etc. So how to avoid these risks? Go with a backup solution that is automated. The backup will be run periodically and be done completely digitally. Remove humans from the process all-together.

Backups Needs to be Off-Site

The idea of just keeping an external hard drive or backup server in your office might be appealing for the ease of it. But what happens when your office is robbed, sabotaged by a disgruntled employee, or flooded? Now you’ve lost of your computers, AND your backup.

One of the essential pieces of a solid backup plan is keeping the backup data off-site. With a cloud backup provider, your files will be kept far away in a safe and secure place. There is no reason for your backup data to ever be in the same location as your primary storage.

Expert & Timely Data Restoration

Imagine the worst happens, and some sort of event causes you to lose all of your primary files. Do you now want to scramble to figure out how to restore an entire network of computers, and pray not only that it works, but takes less than a few weeks to get your data back? I am sure you are seeing dollars signs flying out the window with this thought – and this is exactly what would happen with most DIY backup solutions.

Now imagine losing your data, and dialing a number, speaking with someone at your cloud backup provider, and POOF! Within minutes, your computer network is once again populated with your files, exactly how you left it. Which version of this scenario would you rather go through?

Peace of Mind

As every worry-wart knows, peace of mind is priceless. Knowing your business’s files are safe no matter what happens to your or your employee’s computers is the best peace of mind there is. Considering how many small companies go out of business after a major data loss (spoiler alert: it’s a lot), knowing you have a team of experts running automated backups, stored on their secure off-site servers, will give you the best sense of security there is.

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