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Why to Let Your Employees Work Remotely

employees work remotely

Why is letting employees work remotely is a good practice to adopt? If you’re reading this, you’re probably a business owner/manager and are torn between letting employees work from home and requiring that they be in the office. While all businesses and situations are different, we’re going to give you all the information you need […]

Why Business Intelligence is Important for Small Businesses

Business intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence (BI) in an umbrella term that encompasses all aspects of a business’s applications, infrastructure, and tools used for the analysis of business information. BI data is usually displayed in the form of graphs and charts for easy evaluation and understanding. It is used to support better business decision making […]

How to Get Support for StreetSmarts Construction Software


Is your construction business still using StreetSmarts? You may know that Maxwell System no longer supports this software – so what do you do when you need support or help with your data planning and conversion? No need to worry. Cloud Colorado has you covered when it comes to StreetSmarts with our qualified team of […]