Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Learn why everyone is moving to the cloud.

Cloud computing allows for incredible savings in hardware, software, and maintenance, plus instant disaster recovery. The ability to securely work from home or on the road drastically reduces the amount of equipment and power needed. Benefit from increased mobility, cost savings, and a more secure network – all in one.

What’s so great about the cloud?

  • Instantly drop your overall IT expenses (hardware, software, maintenance, and power) by 50% or more.
  • Automatic disaster recovery and protection from fire, flood, theft, viruses, and other natural disasters.
  • Instantly access your e-mail and files from home or on the road from any device.
  • Increased cyber security – the cloud is actually more secure than a traditional network.

Remote Desktop

remote desktop

Allow employees to work anywhere, from any device.

Remote desktops, or DaaS (desktop as a service), is a cloud application that enables users to access their desktop from any location, and on any device. This allows for use of one device in the workplace, another device on the road, and even another device at home. Every time you log in, your entire desktop will be waiting for you – no matter where you are.

Remote Desktop Benefits:

  • Access your desktop from any device.
  • More secure than a traditional network.
  • Log in from any location, in the office or on the road.
  • Prolong the life of your IT equipment.
  • No internal storage needed on your device.
  • Decrease your IT staffing needs.


Cloud Backup for Business

Is your business backed up?

If you were to suffer a data loss from system failure, natural disaster, or a computer hack, what would happen to all of your client files, financial data, and ongoing project information? Even if you have an external hard drive, when was the last time you updated it? The company data that you’ve saved to your server would still be there if you are saving everything to your server (a big if for many people), but everything else would be gone.

With cloud backup for business, a “snap shot” of your entire network of computers including files, settings, and even where your icons are on your desktop is periodically backed up to the cloud. It can be easily called upon in the event you lose any data and be restored within minutes.

Having your business backed up to the cloud gives you peace of mind that should you suffer a data loss, that your business wouldn’t be in jeopardy. Don’t become a tale of caution for others! Get your business data backed up today.