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For many business owners, a move to the cloud has been in the back of their mind for a while but it has never seemed like the “right time.” It can be difficult to alter procedure for employees, and of course, there is the worry it will be expensive. That is why the best time to make the switch to the cloud is when you are relocating, planning to upgrade hardware, or both. The move to the cloud can easily be made in the time it takes to make the change anyways, and using an MSP (managed service provider) in fact saves companies money. Let us tell you why.

The Cloud Requires Little Equipment on Site

What if I told you that you can replace your entire network with a brand new, state of the art network for less money than you spend to maintain your existing one?

A huge reason companies switch to cloud computing is that it requires little IT equipment to be owned by the company. The servers that run your programs and save your data are now kept off-site. If you are getting ready to make an upgrade, that may no longer be necessarily if you choose to move to the cloud. The equipment you do own needs fewer resources i.e.- RAM, disk space, processing and will last longer with cloud computing.

Relocating is a popular time to sell off equipment and set up new systems. If you switch to the cloud during a relocation, you will have less equipment to move with you and can set up any new systems at the same time you are setting up your new office space. The need for less equipment makes switching to the cloud an appealing choice.

Very Easy to Set Up

Moving to the cloud requires little-to-no on site infrastructure. That means that in a move, the whole mess of moving and setting up computer networks is all but eliminated. By using an MSP, your network lives “in the cloud,” or more literally, on their servers. Now, all your computers need is a connection to the internet!

Save Money

MSPs, or managed service providers, own a lot of the equipment associated with cloud computing. There is no longer a need to upkeep servers on-site or purchase computers with a ton of computing power. When your entire desktop is cloud based, no programs or data are actually saved on your device. They are all stored off-site, and only accessed by your device. That older laptop that was running slower and slower might work just fine now with a remote desktop.

Another huge way to save money is that less IT staff are usually needed when you make the switch to the cloud. If you were worried that you would need to hire more staff to handle the growing needs of your company’s technology, a move to the cloud can fill that need for you.

The Best Time to Move to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can seem like an intimidating change, but there is a reason almost all new companies don’t even bother with a traditional network – it saves money and is more convenient. When it comes to business, you can’t quite beat those two features. Taking advantage of upgrading or relocating makes the switch that much easier!

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