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For small and medium sized business owners, growing technical needs can be a big cause of stress. Many business owners try to handle IT tasks themselves, but wind up wasting time on inefficient and unsecure methods. What most business owners don’t realize though, is that using a managed service provider actually saves money and, of course, an immeasurable amount of time. One of the most popular features for businesses is a hosted exchange server. It is a secure and easy way to run your company’s email with no purchasing of a server required!

Secure Server

By using a hosted exchange provider, all of your data is stored on the provider’s secure servers. As an IT company, hosted exchange providers have the know-how to keep their servers air-right and security measures up to date. A common problem with setting up a DIY email server is just not knowing how to properly secure your information from hackers or viruses. Providers stay on top of patches and updates for your software and know how to block the common ways hackers try to get in. With the amount of sensitive information email can hold, proper security is a must.

Anti-Virus Protection for Email

Did you know you should be running an anti-virus on your email? You can keep employees from un-knowingly downloading a virus or opening a phishing email by preventing those emails from getting to their inbox in the first place. With a hosted exchange server, your provider will run an anti-virus for you. They will keep the majority of spam emails from reaching your inbox and will scan all attachments for viruses automatically.

Great Tech Support – No Call Centers!

Have you ever been in the middle of a technical crisis, dialed a help line, spent an hour on hold, only to end up speaking with someone reading from a script with no real knowledge of the issue? Yeah, us too. That is why having a local provider to take your calls and handle any issues right when they come up is so appealing. With hosted exchange, and Cloud Colorado in particular, your provider is located in the U.S. and connects you to real specialists when you have a problem.

Provider Handles Everything

With hosted exchange, your provider handles all of those complicated and time-consuming email related tasks for you. New employees will be on-boarded quickly, employees leaving will have their accounts forwarded, and helpful tools like distribution lists will all be set up by the provider. Don’t compromise convenience just because you can’t figure out how to set up a certain feature. Save time and money with a hosted exchange server.

Switch to a Hosted Exchange Server

Cloud Colorado is a hosted exchange provider with over 25 years of experience. We help companies every day reduce their time spent on technical problems and save money by switching to a service with predictable costs. Stop losing a day of work every time someone has a technical issue. Switch to a managed services provider. Learn more about Cloud Colorado’s hosted exchange and other services.

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