Remote Desktop Benefits

The future of the work day is in mobility. No longer when you think of “work” do you only imagine a desktop computer, sitting on a desk, inside of a cubical, in an office. A rising number of employees work from home, are on the road, or simply need the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. How do they all do this? By utilizing cloud computing to have a remote desktop that is accessible from any device. In addition to convenience, remote desktop benefits include heightened cyber security, automatic back-ups, and no requirement for onsite IT.

Stronger Security

Cloud computing is more secure than traditional IT. A traditional network of computers can be hacked in many ways- through an unsecured network, a phishing scam, accidentally downloaded malware, and through many other creative techniques hackers use. Most small businesses are ill-equipped to handle an attack and unwittingly leave themselves easy targets for cyber attacks.

By using a remote desktop, there is nothing onsite that your small business needs to worry about updating, encrypting, scanning, or anything else along those lines. By utilizing a cloud computing company, your cyber security is now completely handled by professionals who keep your system running smoothly and securely as a 24-hour job.

Access Your Desktop from Anywhere, on Any Device

For companies with employees who are often on the road, on work sites, or who need the flexibility to work from home, a remote desktop is a necessity. Thanks to cloud computing and remote desktop benefits, your same exact desktop with all of your files that you access at work is now accessible at any time from any computer. The need to have a mobile computer with you or to have a flash drive to access your files is eliminated. Your full desktop is now accessible at any location and from any computer.

Automated Back-Ups

Backing up your files is usually something that all small businesses know they should be doing, but don’t worry about until a problem arises and important files are lost. Along with the plethora of remote desktop benefits, all of your files (and your employees’ files) are now backed-up automatically.

Human error is the most common cause of lost files. With automated back-ups though, you are also safe in the unlikely event that your network is hacked. Ransomware – when a hacker blocks your access to your own files until a ransom is paid – won’t work on you. There are no files to hold hostage because everything on your remote desktop is automatically backed up by your cloud computing company.

No Need for On-Site IT

When you have a remote desktop, your cloud company will handle all of your IT needs. You do not need to have any servers on site and all network maintenance will be taken care of. Many businesses with remote desktops do still keep an IT team, but they are free to work on big picture strategy and to address custom software needs for your company.

Remote Desktop Benefits

Your work is no longer confined to one computer, at one desk, in one office. With a remote desktop, your files can not only be accessed from any device but yours and your clients’ information is now safer than ever before. Cloud computing is more convenient for mobile work and more cost effective than in-house network management.

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