What is Application Hosting

Application hosting is a common feature for software today. For any program that doesn’t need to be downloaded onto your computer, it is more than likely a hosted application. The apps on your smartphone are a common example of hosted applications, but there are likely programs you access from your desktop every day that are hosted as well.

Those programs and all of that data must live somewhere – that is where the “hosted” part comes in. It might be stored on a server at the application maker’s headquarters or it might be with a DaaS provider. Have you heard of DaaS, or Desktop as a Service? That’s right – it is the same idea as application hosting. Users access applications and their saved data through the internet that is stored on a server owned by a cloud provider.

You Likely Already Use It

If you use Facebook, Gmail, and even Salesforce, you already know how to use a hosted application. They don’t require installation on your computer and you can access your saved data from anywhere, on any device. The program simply runs on the cloud provider or software maker’s servers and the user accesses it through the internet.

Common Application Hosting Uses for Business

With hosted application technology, also known as cloud computing, businesses no longer need to buy expensive servers and computers with a lot of memory. They can save money on equipment, electricity, and even personnel costs to run it all.

Modern businesses can fill just about every need with application hosting. Your email can be a hosted application with Hosted Exchange. Your desktop can be logged into from a different computer with Remote Desktop services. Popular business software like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Dropbox all live in the cloud. For a business that operates in the cloud, there is little need for anything more than basic computers and an internet connection.

Benefits of Hosted Applications

The many benefits of application hosting for both businesses and individual users are probably becoming very clear. It’s incredibly easy to get set up with a hosted application, and the cost savings are unbeatable. Below is an overview of the main benefits:

  • Remote Access – easy for employees to work from home or on job sites.
  • Cost Savings – less IT equipment and personnel needed.
  • Quick Set Up – no installation process necessary.
  • Easy to Keep up with Changing Technology – your current programs are easily updated by the provider, and if you want to switch software it’s painless to do so.
  • Software is More Affordable – the ease with which business owners can switch programs has helped drive the cost of cloud-based software down.

Application Hosting

Most of the programs you already use are likely cloud based, or can be made cloud based through the use of a provider. Get rid of those lengthy on-boarding times for new employees and the painful transition every time you want to try out new software. Moving to the cloud will be the easiest choice your business ever makes.

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