StreetSmarts Software for Construction – Receive Third Party Support

Street Smarts

Street Smarts Construction Software is no longer supported by Maxwell Systems – but that’s where we come in. We have been providing clients with 3rd party technical support for years. With a team of StreetSmarts developers and engineers, we can help you keep this invaluable software up and running and assist with conversion when the time is right.

Is your construction business still using StreetSmarts? Get 3rd party support, conversion planning & data conversion from Cloud Colorado.

With StreetSmarts by Maxwell Systems no longer supported by Viewpoint, construction companies have been left scrambling for technical support. That is where Cloud Colorado comes in. We have years of experience providing 3rd party support for StreetSmarts clients and the new application suites that are now available make us uniquely qualified to help. Our team is made up of StreetSmarts developers and engineers as well as consultants with years of experience, helping to make a conversion as painless and smooth as possible.

  • Years of experience providing 3rd party StreetSmarts support
  • StreetSmarts developers and engineers are on staff at Cloud Colorado
  • We provide technical support, conversion planning, & data conversion for those still using Street Smarts

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StreetSmarts is a comprehensive line of business accounting application suite designed for construction contractors in the paving/road/bridge infrastructure space.

StreetSmarts by Maxwell Systems is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations.

StreetSmarts provides all the tools necessary for job cost accounting and project management for industries in heavy and highway construction. It delivers financial insight while providing control over profit centers and addressing key business issues to increase a return on your technology investment. StreetSmarts was a product of Maxwell Systems that is unfortunately no longer supported.

StreetSmarts Key Features:

  • Contract Management
  • Human Resources
  • Document Imaging
  • Financial Management
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Equipment Management
  • Material Billing
  • Project Management
  • ScaleSmarts
  • SmartTraxx
  • Subcontract Management

Street Smarts is still an invaluable tool for countless construction companies. With the software no longer supported, many business owners are looking for support elsewhere. Cloud Colorado is uniquely qualified to help these companies with support for the software, and eventual conversion.